“Here you go sweetie!

Autumn, you inspired me from the moment I saw your very first competition photo’s.  My jaw dropped to the ground when I saw how amazing you looked and I had only DREAMED of looking that that.  You made my dream become a reality in a year!  You have transformed my body not only once, but TWICE!!!  I went from getting into better shape, to being in the best shape of my life!  I have told you over and over again that you are amazing and you have changed my life forever!  Thank you for introducing me to this LIFESTYLE!  Your expertise and attention to detail in your training is very unique! You give all your attention to each of your clients as if they are the only client that you have and that’s what makes you special! You have a gift and I will forever be thankful to have you in my life! Not only have I achieved a healthy lifestyle and a great body from you, I have made a forever friend/sister.  I look forward to continue training with you and for future competitions! You are my inspiration, my motivation, my coach, my trainer, my friend and my sister! Continue to change lives momma bear! xoxo” ~ Christine Espinoza

“My name if Gina Pegg I’m 45 years old. I am  married to a marvelous Man Kurt Pegg. I have two Amazing Boys Jerid Pegg 15 years old and Jona Pegg 7 years old… Two months ago and one week I had the priviledge to meet Mrs. Autumn Aguilar from Self Made Fitness. Since then my life has changed to a more positive healthy fit lifestyle transforming my life not physically but spiritually…. I truly believe that is through the knowledge and dedication of this wonderful  Trainer, that is so passionate and dedicated to her line of work. Her knowledge and training skills have transform my life allowing me to loose 20 pounds, educating me in nutrition, weigh training and motivating skills .  I have been able to pursue my fitness goals and still striving to learn more and continue with this fitness lifestyle bringing my life more amazing results!! I feel blessed to have met such a wonderful woman and not just because she’s a body building trainer, but she’s also an amazing, loveable, knowledgeable person dedicated to change my life and the life of others.!! Thank you Autumn Aguilar for being You!! Your knowledge in this Fitness world will be with me for the rest of my life… Thank you for helping me change my life and hit my goals and learning about this amazing lifestyle of Fitness!! Bless You!!” – Gina Pegg

“The last few years I got into such a lazy rut and didn’t care about working out. Autumn came back into my life last year when I was going to her to tan; Since then she has motivated me to bring fitness back into my life. March of 2011 is when I made that call and took the first step to becoming healthy again. Since then I have never been so happy and felt so good about myself. Autumn is not only a trainer, she is a friend, an inspiration and a motivator. She brings joy and laughter while working out and makes training fun instead of dreadful. Autumn pushed me to workout harder then I ever thought was I could and made me reach goals that seemed unattainable. I can truly say she was a blessing in disguise and I am extremely happy she came back into my life when she did. Thank you Autumn for everything you have done for me and everyone else you have helped.” – Jayme Noorigian

“I had been working out for over a year and just wasn’t seeing the results that I was hoping for. I knew I had the commitment and determination that was needed for the results I was looking for, so that’s when I knew I had to make a change in my workout. I contacted Autumn since I was aware of her success in such a short time and new she must be doing something right! It has been about 2 months since I have been doing personal training, boot camp classes, and diet with Autumn and I am proud to say I have seen more results in the past 2 months than in the past year! This success is due to my commitment and Autumn’s 150% and above that she gives each and every day by her passion on doing what she loves, not to mention the tools and resources she utilizes by working with some of the best of the best including Kim Oddo. There is nothing else more rewarding and inspirational than seeing the results after all the hard work you put in! Autumn will get you to your goal faster by making it your lifestyle and not just “another day at the gym.” – Lisa Hegrat, Menifee, CA

“Where do I begin…I have never hurt so good before!!! I always thought I was relatively fit, but boot camp has made me realize there is always room to improve. From flipping tires to plyometrics to kick boxing and swinging hammers, you are always kept on your toes and begin craving the next boot camp class because you know there will something innovative and exciting awaiting…unlike the monotony at the gym day in and day out.

I have always been a morning person, so the early morning boot camp classes fit perfectly in my schedule. The great thing about boot camp is you don’t have to think, you just do, which is exactly what I like at 6:00AM. Getting my workout done before my day starts makes life that much less stressful and also makes me feel that much more accomplished, so no matter how chaotic my day may turn into, at least I devoted an hour to focus on me myself and I! So if you are looking for something inspiring, thrilling, motivating, life changing and for all fitness levels, come join our family at boot camp  and most of all…just have FUN with it. Peace, Love and Fitness!” – Aubreigh Hutchison

“Feeling tired, sluggish, and ready to make a change in my overall appearance, I called Autumn to set up one on one training. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew what I wanted: Energy, weight loss, and a healthier lifestyle. I knew Autumn could get me there. Several sessions later I am more than confident that I am on the right track. Autumn is so incredibly motivating and pushes you past the roadblocks you’ve sabotaged yourself with. The stress of being a working mother can take a toll but Autumn has given me such an effective outlet that I feel more collected and in control. The workouts are never boring and even though I leave feeling exhausted, I can’t wait for the next session. Since I’ve started training with her, I‘ve lost weight, built endurance, and feel more energized. My self confidence has boosted and I feel like a more well rounded person.” – Jennie C. De La Cruz, PHR, HR Employment Specialist

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